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并遵守LP POM MUI规定的清真范围。

Jiangsu Zhongbang Pharma implements the Halal Assurance System (HAS) with the purpose of assuring that the products continuously and consistently meet the Halal requirements, and conform to the specifications in LP POM MUI.

1).保证在生产认证的产品中使用的原辅料都被LP POM MUI 确认是清真的。

Ensuring all the raw materials used in the certificated products are certified Halal by LP POM MUI.


Ensuring all the production systems for the certificated products are clean enough and free from non-Halal.

3).保证所有提供给穆斯林的产品符合 LP POM MUI 的要求。

Ensuring all the finished goods manufactured for Moslem consumers meets the requirements of LP POM MUI.

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